Japanese non professional people

Hi this is Tom

In Japan it’s possible not to graduate colleges but people get a good income.

One of the most intelligent people Programmers, Engineers and lawyers …….they are so intelligent people.

But in Japan it’s possible for us to be like them

After you graduate from high school so today

I will introduce what Japanese people think this way.

1:Japanese education

We have elementary school, junior high school, high school and college.

Before in the pass generations we had to study so hard at school but Japanese government started to create “yutori education “.

This national policy wants us to find great improvements without studying.

“yutori” means to have freedom to play. It means government pushed children to play around without studying .

It was a so bad decision for Japan. Sure enough Japanese children don’t study enough

So everyone say it was failure for education.

Japanese high standards parents want their children to study more and more. it means we don’t trust schools.

In Japan we have many cram schools for entering high level schools

Japanese highest school is Tokyo university. If we want to enter this school of course we must study so so hard.

We study for successful life.

But some of us think that it is no value to go to university for successful life. Sometimes that’s true in Japan.

2:why high school enough for Japanese successful people ?

If we can join a college, we can study general education. So we don’t study particular field for 2 years. So just only for

2 years we can study what we want to study. It ’s enough ? I don’t think so. That’s why we have much job training in the company.

Japanese can join a company even though people don’t have skills .

Some people want to study more and more so they go to graduate school but after getting a job

Their pay is not so higher than people who graduated from university.

It’s the source of a reason. Japan can’t have people who are professional .

If we can study particular field and professional training, we don’t have many bad companies.

Actually Japanese recruits have much probability to join them because of non profession.

In that meaning, if we want to join a company , we can join. But of course probably this company force you to work so hard.

Pay is so bad and work place is so stressful. It’s common for Japanese.

So it means people graduate from high school and people graduate from

Which have advantages for society ? people who graduated from high school don’t have skills and

People who graduate from university don’t have skills. In Japan twenty generations are stronger than thirties generations .

People say age is just numbers but in Japan it’s so important

It’s not numbers which is our limit line for work.


If you have opportunity to work with Japanese in your country. Maybe your workmate have great motivation.

So please try to talk about this topic! Maybe he or she share more about Japanese bad sight which they can see from your country.

Thank you for reading


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