Japanese have to stop “Tik Tok” ?

Hi this is Tom

These days Japanese government try to stop “Tik Tok”.

Maybe we will not be able to use “Tik Tok” in Japan.

Today I was surprised that one of popular Chinese applications “WeChat” Donald Trump try to stop in America.

Next step maybe America try to force world countries not to use the application also .

In my opinion Japan should not follow America in this time. Why we must be into cold war as well .

1:no friends in the world

They’re important countries for Japan. We have to communicate with them always.

we don’t have friends in the world. No countries work for Japan. Any countries don’t have right to control Japan.

So in this case if we stop using “Tik Tok” it means to make relationship worse between Japan and China.

This matter has only problems for Japan. China is one of the biggest countries.

Japan must have business with China. How do we recover a relationship of China?

2:Japanese GAFA

If Japan wanna protect our information by any countries, we have to make Japanese original search engine

Like google, we have to create Japanese the biggest SNS like facebook,

we have to create the biggest Japanese online market.

like amazon and we have to make Japanese apple something like that .

3: conclusion

We have no way to create Japanese GAFA. It’s too late for protecting our information.

So good way there is no trouble between Japan and China.

Thank you for reading


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