Japanese culture

Japanese English educations

These day Japanese children have to study English since elementary school students.

But before thirteen years old school students started to study English.

That’s so late for learning languages and also we have bad points of English education


I think that shyness is the biggest factor for us not to be able to speak in English.

In Japanese English class we use Japanese and we are so silent in the class.

Because we are afraid of making mistakes and being laughed by classmates.

Teachers also encourage to use Japanese coz they teach students for taking test.

This test isn’t included speaking skill. Why Japanese study English? I wanna ask Japanese.

We don’t study English for knowing grammar and how to write in English.

The most important thing is to know how to speak in English. But we don’t try to talk to people in English

Even though students have opportunity to talk in the English class.


We have hesitation to speak English coz we are perfectionists.

We love to be considered as a smart person . Almost us have desire for recognition.

Our English is impossible to be perfect. Because we are non native English speakers.

If we are true smart, we don’t afraid of mistakes.

In YouTube, there are many people who judge people’s English good or bad.

In my opinion they don’t understand what’s English? English is just a tool to communicate with people.

Bad English or good English are not mattered for communication.

Of course, for business we have to use polite English. But in other situations if people understand each other,

that’s a communication and this is good English I believe


I think more Japanese will be able to speak English. Included me we have a big issue which is shyness.

Even though people can speak full English, we don’t try speak to anyone.

No communication, no happened to our life.

I hope many Japanese students try to talk to people in English class.

Thank you for reading


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