Japanese culture

Japan is kind ?

Hi this is Tom.

People say Japanese kind.

If you ask me, such a wonderful Japanese already have disappeared .

Japanese people had worked so hard after the World War Two.

But actually our success always be include violence.

1: violence

Before we thought If we don’t have any violence, it might be no success in Japan.

Japanese elders often beat children when they mistake to do something.

It was common for us that kids were beaten by elders.

This matter almost Japanese think is terrible but sometimes Japanese do it for kids.

Our diligence is believed Japanese beauty.

I am opposite to thinking that way. I don’t say hard work is ugly,

But look at the mental ill people who have. they are hated by Japanese society.

Because Japanese company cannot accept them as a member of colleagues.

Even though they are twenty’s generations people, they don’t have any chances to join them.

It’s Japanese reality. If you are Japanese

What do you think about Japan? Are we kind? I don’t think so.

2: death from overwork

Japanese is famous for the death from overwork. Can you imagine?

You work so hard but you can’t get much money. You can’t have a good sleep.

You can’t be treated good in workplace.

Japanese say these bad companies is “black company”. They’re everywhere in Japan.

Why we have to join these companies? I think that Japanese university is easy to graduate.

After starting to work, we get our own profession. So we have high probability to join “black company” at first.

It’s a bad environment to work for Japanese.

It’s also violence for Japanese workers by japan.


You want to come here as workers? but I think that Japanese have to be kinder for young recruits.

But unfortunately we can’t change our country.

Thank you for reading !!!


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